Renting or buying a dress online

*1. What to Wear? *

At Livia & Co we provide you with exceptional quality gowns available to purchase or rent online. Our online store allows clients to search by size, and occasion, directly from the comfort of their own home, the office, or wherever they may be.

*2. Be our Guest*

Feeling uncertain about the size or fit of a dress that you want to purchase or rent online? No worries, we got you! Please contact us directly, where one of our friendly stylists will help you find the right size and fit for you. Our showroom is based in George, and welcomes clients who want to try before they buy or rent, or who would like to see the beautiful pieces we have in person. Please contact us to make a booking.

*3. Hallo Beautiful*

Once you've chosen what to wear- we'll courier your special piece to your door. Rental gowns are sent 1-3 days before your event. Purchased gowns are sent to you as described in each individual item's description box. All you have to do is enjoy your special event and have fun in your special designer gown!!

*4. Returns*

Rental -

When the time comes to return your Livia & Co piece, just place it in the box/ ziplock bag provided and it will be picked up by a courier the next working day after your event, or, if you’re in the neighborhood, drop it off at our George showroom. You'll have the compliments you gathered while wearing it, hopefully some pictures, and a few memories of your adventure together, and then you can bid it farewell. It really couldn't be simpler - in fact, the only difficult part might be letting it go.

Purchases -

Our designer gowns are imported per order. We advise you to carefully view the size chart of the dress that you are interested in. Although we can confidently promise you exceptional quality, we unfortunately cannot exchange or return the dress purchased. We kindly advise you to order your dress well in advance, just in case any alterations need to be done on your dress by your local seamstress.